Buyers, Why Attend Dessous London?

Welcome to the new Dessous London blog. We know you buyers are busy folk so today I wanted to share with you just six short reasons why you should attend our next event on 23rd and 24th July.

Our small team at Dessous London understand how the industry has changed over the past few years so while we keep up with the ever increasing demand for online business, we also work hard to create an exciting showroom event worth stepping away from the screens for. We invite buyers to view our carefully curated lingerie, loungewear and swimwear in a creative, upbeat environment designed to inspire and innovate. We aim to capture the current spirit of intimates and present it in a modern, light and airy venue... and then we throw in a theatrical splash for good measure, hosting burlesque performances, specialist cocktail events and more!

Lingerie is the most personal, tactile and emotive product a person can buy. If there is anything a buyer must get into their hands before placing an order, this is it. A bra alone has anything from 20 to 40+ components, therefore quality can only be determined with close contact. So without further delay I leave you with my top reasons for paying us a visit in July:

All photography by Russell Turner –

All photography by Russell Turner –

1. Physically see and touch the luxurious products, getting to admire the craftsmanship first-hand, ensuring your customers get only the best.
2. Build personal relationships. Often you get to meet the designers in person. They will give you a true feel for brand ethos and you can build up a rapport that will carry-on through future communications.
3. Discover something new. In addition to established labels, each season we introduce new ones to the market, using our many years of experience to talent spot some of the next big-things in lingerie.
4. Save time. Rather than wade through a sea of bulk emails, get out and discover the best offering in premium lingerie brands, thoughtfully hand-picked in one room.
5. Enjoy the atmosphere. Dessous London is a small, friendly and welcoming showroom setting with circa 15 brands that can easily be visited in one day. Finish your visit with a refreshing cocktail and fun entertainment while you network with like-minded professionals.
6. Dessous London is now the only intimates trade event in London. By attending you are supporting not only the intimates industry but also the amazing community of creatives behind it. 

I hope this post has given you some positive thoughts for the day, Dessous London is so very passionately committed to doing our bit to boost the lingerie industry. If you are a buyer reading this, I would truly love to get your feedback if you have visited before, or if you have suggestions of new ways we could improve the event and continue to make it a must-see. Please get in touch and keep in touch on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Dessous London Team