Founded in the second half of the ‘40s, the brand Dana immediately established itself as one of the finest Italian knit underwear manufacturers.
Acquired in 1980 by the Pisarra family, which simply added their surname to the brand, it has preserved the artisanal aspects of the noble Italian sartorial tradition, continuing to create top quality knitwear for women thanks to skilled and professional craftswomen, supported by state-of-the-art precision machines, which have allowed to preserve to this very day the traditional care for detail, thus obtaining accurate and impeccable results in terms of details and finishing touches.

From father to son the brand DANAPISARRA has evolved with innovative models, cuts and colours. Colour represents the re-launch of the brand for a sector where neutral shades have always called the shots. DANAPISARRA represents the alternative to classic knitwear, moving far beyond the concept of “warm woollen singlet”.

Underwear and outerwear coexist in the same product, which does not renounce embroideries, precious materials, comfort and wearability.
Silk, Egyptian cotton, merino wool and cashmere for natural, anallergic and impalpable proposals.

Distributed across the whole national territory and rapidly expanding abroad, with a targeted distribution aimed at in the finest and most renowned stores, DANAPISARRAis a dynamic company, where the generational change has represented an opportunity for growth, keeping an eye out for the changes in the market, consumers’ evolving needs and an ever-growing internationalization.