God Save Queens

There is a reason why the highly enchanting combination of creativity and tailoring precision has been born in Łódź, referred to as an eximious symbol of the textile industry. Karolina - the founder and designer of the GSQ brand has been brought up precisely in this city, for many years drawing inspiration from the cult world of textiles. She bases her childhood memories on moments spent at the sewing room owned by her grandparents, where she observed the work of professionals, stimulating her fascination and broadening knowledge in terms of tailoring. The definition of unique aesthetics formed on that base rooted in her heart for good.
When she was sixteen, Karolina participated in the Milan Fashion Week. That was a period during which her love for fashion stimulated the formation of a growing number of dreams. She didn't have to wait for long in order to face her dream of creating an own line of lingerie - a brand far from the common models and shallow connotations.
In accordance with the designer's assumptions, GSQ products constitute not only a stylish gadget but also make women sensitive, developing their awareness of own sensuality. The idea of lingerie revolutionized in such a way displaces that of a one-dimensional, lascivious eroticism, exchanging it for uncompromising but full of charm sensualism. The brand's designs constitute additions which exceed the borderlines of practicality. These are accessories which meet the fantasies and bring out the essence of femininity - in terms of thinking about oneself as well as fashion.
Karolina often states that she loves the freedom which she experiences when creating. She never focused on creating sets which aim at hiding flaws. Inspired by the anatomy of the human body, she provokes in an artistic manner, emphasizing the brave character of luxurious lingerie and unique high fashion designed for experiential women.
The lingerie is manufactured in Poland, although the laces used during production come from France and Italy. Handmade accessory finishings emphasize the fact that GSQ stands out not only because of its original ideas but also due to complete control over quality and care for even the smallest details.
Karolina's projects are highly recognizable. Especially the flagship GSQ set - the Nymph swimwear. The products are also beloved by such stars as Kylie Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Aimee Song, as well as Barbara Palvin. Moreover, the brand gathers a vast group of social media users - 119 thousand followers on Instagram. God Save Queens can also account for such achievements as: presenting the CARRARA collection during the New York Fashion Week, nomination for the ELLE.PL brand of the year, second place in the Avanti 2016 brand of the year competition, or a spectacular photo campaign conducted at the Carrara marble quarry with top model Joy Corrigan.


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